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How to close, quit and restart apps on iPad and iPhone

This is a classic: an app stops working correctly, so you hit the home button and open the app again thinking: “I restarted the app but this didn’t fix the problem”… But the truth is that iOS on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch handles multiple apps running at the same time (multitasking) by saving the app state every time you switch to another app or get back to the main screen hitting the home button.

In order to really close an app and remove the “suspended state” it gets into when you click the home button, you need to follow one of the following processes.

Switch off your device… and then back on

The simplest way is to shut down your device and start it up again. In order to really switch off your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, you need to push and keep pressed the standby button until the screen goes black and the “swipe to shutdown” bar appears. Then, you need to swipe and wait for the device to completely turn off. To startup the device again, just press the standby button again.

All apps will still be sitting in the multitasking tray as if they were running, but reality is that all processes got killed and no suspended states will be in your way until you start each app once again.

This process is a very good way to make memory intensive apps responsive again (especially games) since it will also clean up the device RAM.

Quit apps from the multitasking tray

  • Hit the home button once to get to the main screen.
  • Hit the home button twice to show the multitasking tray (on the iPad you can, alternatively, swipe up with 4 fingers)
  • Tap and keep your finger on any app icon in the tray until the red badges appear and the icons start “dancing”
  • Now tap on the red badge for any of the apps you want to close. Please note: this action will not remove the app from your device. You’re just “killing” it so you can remove the “suspended state” and restart it.
  • Tap anywhere outside the tray to close it (or, alternatively, hit the home button once — on the iPad, you can also swipe down with 4 fingers).

Force restart

If your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch looks “dead”, don’t panic. Just press and keep pressed the standby button AND the home button simultaneously for about 10 seconds (usually 5 seconds are enough). If you’re not in bad luck, your device will restart itself and everything will be back to normal (whew!).

Will Apple iCloud API support Android, Windows?

At WWDC 2011 Steve Jobs introduced iCloud and mentioned a couple of things while doing so that made people wonder if iCloud will be an iOS an OS X specific technology or if it will be made available to 3rd parties platforms and establish itself as an industry standard instead. Apple’s CEO mentioned iCloud would support Windows PCs and that it will be open for Developers to use in their Apps through a new iCloud API.

iCloud API support in SDK for iOS, OSX

How will Windows PCs be supported by iCloud? Will the API based on open, multi-platform technologies such as http/json/xml?

At a first glance to the documentation, it looks to me the answer is: No. iCloud is seen by Jobs as Apple’s advantage on others for the next few years and they are not going to share it with anyone else.

There are two ways that applications can take advantage of iCloud storage, each of which has a different intended usage:

1. iCloud document storage—Developers can use this feature to store user documents and data in the user’s iCloud account.

2. iCloud key-value data storage—Use this feature to share small amounts of data among instances of your application.

Most applications will use iCloud document storage to share documents from a user’s iCloud account. This is the feature that users think of when they think of iCloud storage. A user cares about whether documents are shared across devices and can see and manage those documents from a given device.

In contrast, the iCloud key-value data store is not something a user would see. It is a way for your application to share very small amounts of data (tens of kilobytes) with other instances of itself. Applications can use this feature to store important state information or user settings/preferences. A magazine application, for example, might save the issue and page that the user read last, while a stocks application might store the stock symbols the user is tracking. Something like NSUserDefaults does now for one app instance.

If you read further in the docs, you’ll see all iCloud usage implies calls to the iOS/OSX SDK and is not available in any other way outside the Xcode environment, so no support for 3rd parties from Apple, and I would bet if people try to hack their way to, for example unofficially build iCloud support on Android, Steve Jobs is going to squash them.

Bible App: The Best Mac Bible Reader Software on the Mac App Store

Developed by Surgeworks in partnership with the Divine Office Catholic Ministry, this beautifully crafted, simple to use Bible Reader Software for Mac is now the Top Paid Reference App in the Mac App Store.

Bible App is so easy to navigate, you don’t need to be a scholar to use it. It’s the Bible reader for the rest of us. The beautiful, elegant user interface allows you to dive into the Sacred Scriptures without all the clutter of Websites.

Learn more about Bible App by Surgeworks or get it now on the Mac App Store!

Get positive, 5 star reviews for your iPhone or iPad App with Request a Review Alert for iOS SDK

Invite your happy users to leave a review for your app, after 10, 20 or 30 days of use. An alert will pop up, similar to the image above, and the user will have the option to go to the App Store in order to leave a review, hide the alert temporary or permanently.

Analyzing how users are prompted to review iPhone apps, it seems that our apps are more likely to get negative reviews. Here’s why: a user is prompted to rate an app when he deletes it. When the app is deleted, it is pretty safe to say that the user was not satisfied with it, so the review will be a negative one. That’s ok, if the app is not good enough, other users should know that. But what about the good/great apps, the ones that you use successfully and don’t delete. Shouldn’t you be encouraged to leave a review in this case too? That review would probably be a positive one, or at least constructiv (you might say what you would like to see improved).

Solicit positive, 5 star reviews from your happy iPhone App’s users thanks to this FREE customizable Objective-C snippet!

Download now: Request A Review Alert for iOS SDK

Please feel free to leave a comment and a link to your app if you used the Request a Review Alert! :)

Divine Office Wins About.com Readers’ Choice Awards for Best Catholic Website, iPhone App, iPad App, Podcast (press release)

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, (March 15, 2011)—The readers of The New York Times Company’s About.com Website have selected a suite of offerings from the Divine Office Catholic Ministry as “The Best Catholic Website,” “The Best Catholic iPhone App,” “The Best Catholic iPad App” and “The Best Catholic Podcast” for 2011.

With more than 800 topic sites (Guide sites), About.com helps users find solutions to a wide range of daily needs, from parenting, health care and technology to cooking, travel and many others. About.com reaches 400,000 average monthly unique visitors in the United States (source: comScore Jan 2011).

The DivineOffice.org Website won the Readers’ Choice 2011 Award with 44 percent of the votes. The Divine Office “Universal for iOS” iPhone App won with 51 percent of the votes. The Divine Office iPad App won with 62 percent of the votes. The Divine Office podcast app won with 46 percent of the votes.

The Divine Office Catholic Ministry works to expand the awareness of and participation in the Liturgy of the Hours, introduce and practice the structure of this form of prayer, and assist in the recitation of the Liturgy in small groups, domestic prayer and where larger common celebration is not possible.

“The DivineOffice.org Website, the Divine Office Podcast and our Apps for iPhone and iPad emphasize the life-changing experience of prayer. In our continuing effort to provide more choices to the praying community gathered around this project, we have recently released Divine Office on the Mac App Store and are working on a version for the Android Marketplace. We are excited about being recognized by the Catholic community and will continue to invite our followers into prayer, always and everywhere, through interactive social media,” Dane Falkner, founder, the Divine Office Catholic Ministry, commented.

The Divine Office Catholic Ministry brings together thousands of people in daily prayer with some days exceeding 40,000 audio downloads from followers around the world. Over the past year, more than 150,000 unique visitors have visited the Divine Office Website to pray the Liturgy of the Hours, a form of Christian devotional prayer. Divine Office branded Apps were downloaded over 90,000 times in the last 12 months*.

The Divine Office app is now also available for Android on Google’s Android Market and Amazon Android Appstore and for Symbian on Nokia’s Ovi Store.

The Divine Office Liturgy of the Hours audio and full text is available online free of charge at the divineoffice.org Web site with a free companion audio podcast on iTunes. A small one-time download charge for the Divine Office apps supports the Ministry and development efforts.

The Divine Office Catholic Ministry in partnership with Surgeworks, Inc. offers a suite of Christian apps:

  • Divine Office-Autio Liturgy of the Hours one the go for several platforms;
  • Prayer app-reference of Catholic prayers in several languages for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch;
  • Bible App-elegant, easy-to-use bible reader for Mac;
  • Morning Prayer (Lauds)-audio Liturgy of the Hours for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch;
  • Evening Prayer (Vespers)-audio Liturgy of the Hours for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch;
  • Night Prayer (Compline)-audio Liturgy of the Hours for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch;

Attention Media: Free coupon codes are available upon request for review of the Divine Office apps.

About The Divine Office Catholic Ministry:

The Divine Office Catholic Ministry is an organization dedicated to gathering assets beneficial to the community of Christians praying the Liturgy of the Hours. For more information visit http://divineoffice.org.

About Surgeworks:

Surgeworks, based in Salt Lake City, Utah, specializes in user interaction and graphical design, rapid web and mobile device application development, and eCommerce solutions. For more information visit: http://www.surgeworks.com.

*Includes the following iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch apps in the App Store and the Mac App Store: Divine Office for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch; Divine Office for Mac; Lauds for iPhone, iPod Touch; Vespers for iPhone, iPod Touch; Compline for iPhone, iPod Touch; Prayer (Catholic Prayers database in several languages for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch); Compendium; Medjugorje